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Marcasite & Silver Ring with Amethyst - size L

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A magnificent silver ring, featuring striking inset marcasite stones and beautifully cut amethyst.

Marcasite is a metallic pale yellow / brass colour mineral and is traditionally set in Stirling Silver creating beautiful, classic jewellery. Cleopatra was known for wearing Marcasite and believed it helped preserve her beauty.Queen Victoria wore Marcasite rather than diamonds for over forty years.Marie Antoinette also showed a strong preference for Marcasite. Marcasite has again risen in popularity in recent years due to its` endearing beauty and stunning value for money.

& Marcasite
DimensionsUK L

Purple, a colour often identified with royalty, was a favourite among kings and pharaohs, thus, amethysts were prominently featured in crown jewels. Amethysts were also associated with Dionysus, the Greek God of wine. In ancient Rome, they were worn to prevent intoxication and bring the wearer tranquillity.